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Adriana & Kaique / Madeira Destination Wedding

São Lourenço Island — a unique place for it’s beauty. Located on the island of Madeira, it is strongly distinguished from the economic zones of the archipelago. Blown by strong winds, this island offers a rich and varied vegetation, and that is one of the main characteristics. It was here, in 2014, that I photographed my first Love Story, and one year later, I made my path. In this way, that this place and I created a small, but our story.

Absolutely in love, Adriana and Kaique decided to celebrate their wedding on the island of Madeira. This decision was based on the family tree of the groom, whose family lived in Madeira long years ago, before they migrated to Brazil.

The whole wedding day was spent with the bride and groom, starting at the hairdresser at 11 am, until the end of the celebration – at 4 am the party it was still going but this time on the dance floor of the hotel! I still wonder how we managed to have the strength and energy for the photo shoot, which was done in a very short space of time, but with a highly emotional and moving content, on the island that was loved by all of us — São Lourenço.

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