Wedding photographer is an amazing profession, thanks to which i am oppening
interesting places and new locations in Portugal. By that i found out Carrapateira —
small countryside in the west of Algarve. I photograph here 2nd year and i like
this place more and more. You will not find here expensive 5 stars hotels and
high quality service, no cool restaurants, and there is even no ATM (To be hones they had it,
but it was stolen 2 years ago). In general, if you are used to comfort and civilization, this place is
not for you!

Carrapateira is ideal for surfers or outdoor enthusiasts. Wind and waves are regular here, the temperature of water is
a bit below than the temperature of water in the southern part of Portugal. But anyway it will not stop surfers. There is only
one cafe on the beach with prices above the average, but you can rent a surfing board ther. Right here you can pay for instructor and take
private surfing lessons. There are a lot of schools providing this service.